We’d like to thank all our clients who have graciously taken the time to write to us and also allow us to post their comments. Below is a sampling of some of the wonderful experiences our guests have had at the spa. Learn more about our treatments and book yours today.

I have been going to Regina for electrolysis for 2 years. Her warm & caring personality is what made me comfortable doing my eyebrows. We discussed the options and I choose to have her do microblading. I was immediately pleased and just love that I no longer need a pencil. Initially the color was darker, but they soon faded to match my exact natural coloring. People have no clue that these are not my natural eyebrows. When I tell them they ask to look closer and are shocked at how natural the finished product is! Go to Regina for a natural look but with permanent makeup!
Carol E. bergen county NJ

I live in Sparta, NJ, after reading multiple reviews from many near and then far away I decided to go to My Permanent Makeup in Fairlawn (1 hour away) for consultation with Regina for microblading. After consult I knew that I choose the best place! Regina is a professional, highly skilled artist who is without a doubt a master of her trade! I absolutely love my new eyebrows down to every last detail, the color, shape and size and most importantly my husband! Regina is a perfectionist, very caring, personable and I highly recommend her. The 1 hour trip was well worth it and I will definitely be back. A million thanks Regina.
Karen C. Sparta NJ

Excellent experience overall. Regina did a wonderful job microblading my moms Eyebrows. They looked incredibly natural. My mom raved about how much younger she looks. Regina asked questions and listened carefully to what my mom wanted to achieve. She looked in the mirror to confirm shape and thickness of Eyebrows and was guided through the process. As a family we were also engaged and shared the after care instructions. Minimal pain and no irritation afterwards.
- Yolany G. NJ

Dear Regina, thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job on my eyebrows and eyeliner! You are so wonderful, sweet, professional, and have a trusting and gentle hands. I will continue to recommend you to everyone, because I absolutely love my eyebrows and eyeliner and the time I spent with you. Thank you so much again!
Roberta M. NJ

Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value.
Regina is great very professional and really does her job well, she makes sure you are comfortable and makes sure you walk out feeling good!
- Sai R. NJ

Hi I have been going to this place for over 8 years. When I heard that Regina started doing permanent makeup I decided to get permanent eyeliner done it was something I always wanted and I knew I would not be disappointment I love waking up looking ready to go! I know all the training and time she took and and that I would not be disappointed I am so happy with the outcome Thank you so much!
- Lysa R. NJ

I LOVE my eyebrows! Regina is a master artist of her craft. She knows what she is doing. I am blond and had NO eyebrows, Regina created gorgeous eyebrows that look so natural and frame my face beautifully. It did not hurt at all. The salon is professional. Initially I thought I had to go into NYC for Microblading, but it turns out we have a Master Microblader right in our own backyard!
- Andra H. NJ

Regina did a fantastic job on my eyeliner. She also used extra numbing cream which was much appreciated. This will totally be my go to place!
- Rachele R. NJ

This is round two for me...Regina microbladed my eyebrows a year ago and I am still so in love with them. I went for my first touch up which was uneventful and easy. Part two - I just finished getting permanent eyeliner and I am absolutely over the moon satisfied. I wanted something relevant yet natural and Regina gave me both! Running out the door without make-up has never felt so good. I’m not going to lie - it is a bit addicting as I have a few more things that I would love to do like the lash lift and permanent lipstick. I am confident that should I go forward- I will be 100% satisfied with my results. The pricing is fair and the professionalism and skill that Regina has is top notch. Do yourself a favor and check it out!!!
- Karla T. NJ

Best place ever! Regina is fantastic! She is patient and kind and does AMAZING work! Highly recommend!!!!
- Steph S., NJ

Regina did my microblading and she did such a wonderful job. She’s caring, understanding, and takes pride in her work. She makes you feel comfortable. I had microblading done in the past and it was horrible. If I could give Regina a million stars for her work I would.
Gaeann M. Lodi NJ

My experience with permanent makeup was excellent. Regina is warm, very pleasant to be with and does excellent work. I love the way my brows and lashes look and get lots of compliments from friends. My Permanent Makeup office is clean, comfortable with easy parking. I have nothing but rave reviews.
- Judy, NJ

I had a great experience at MY Microblading. Regina you were great.
- Lori D., NJ

Love my eyebrows. Thank you Regina.
- Ann F., NJ

MY Microblading experience in Fairlawn, NJ was amazing! I was nervous at first but Regina made me feel at ease with every step. She was there for me even prior to the appointment and walked me through every expectation. It was a breeze, professionally done and also looks gorgeous. She took her time and created the look that I wanted. The salon in general is very clean and the staff (and the owner) are very warm and friendly. I am HIGHLY recommending ’MY Microblading’.
- L. B., NJ

Regina took her time doing the shape and brows look very natural. Place is very clean. I did not feel rushed. Now I am saving so much time not filling in my brows.
- Helen G., NJ

I had a wonderful experience at MY Microblading! Regina is professional. Everything was great.
- Lisa B., NJ

This is just incredible! For years, my mother has been unhappy with her eyebrows ((or lack there of...)). Due to some thyroid issues a few years ago, her brows practically became non-existent. She’s purchased everything from high-end to Drugstore pencils, WunderBrow ((don’t understand the hype there...)) all in effort to create brows that made her feel happy. Unfortunately, she had no luck. ... A few weeks back, she decided to spring for Microblading, and yesterday she went to @myskincarenj for the procedure. After doing a lot of research and coming across Regina ((who has proven to be absolutely wonderful)), my mother finally has the brows of her dreams. ... She was nervous, and rightfully so. She texted me and confided in me about her anxieties, and it was completely understood. This is something that’s permanent, so I get it! But I’m telling you, as soon as she texted me a photo of the finished product, I felt kind of emotional. Why??? Because I know for years she struggled with feeling confident. And even though it’s only within 24-hours of her new brows, she’s got a whole new attitude and that makes me happy! ... My mother said, ’Did it hurt? Yes, it did in the beginning. They can’t use numbing cream until they pass over both eyebrows, but once you were done with that, and the numbing cream goes on, it’s a piece of cake. I wold say it was a total of 10 minutes of pain and once you were done, that was it! I could imagine the discomfort at first, but thrilled to hear that it wasn’t bad. Guess that’s what you get when you have a well-trained professional. ... I’ve never had micro-blading done, but based on my mother’s research and experience, she wants to tell everyone to BEWARE of the studios that want to charge you and arm and a leg! She did some comparison shopping and found that not only was My Skin Care & Electrolysis’ price very fair, but they had such amazing service, and obviously the results were exceptional! ... I’m just so unbelievably happy for my mom! Her brows looks so awesome, and extremely natural! Thank you, Regina for giving my mom her confidence back!
- Niki M., NJ

I was hesitant about having Microblading done but have been thinking about it for a long time. Regina was wonderful from start to finish. My consultation was so informative and she was very patient and understanding. The procedure a few hours total. She spent a lot of time measuring and making sure that I liked the outline of my soon to be new eyebrows. I cannot express how happy I am with the results! My eyebrows look so natural and real. I will being going back next month for my touch up and plan on getting permanent eyeliner and some electrolysis! I’m so glad that I found My Skin Care & Electrolysis! I highly recommend!!!
- Karla T., NJ

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with my eyebrows done by Oksana. I had been thinking about it for long time as my eyebrows were very sparse and getting worse. So I researched and made my decision to go to My Permanent Makeup. Oksana is very professional and very nice but most importantly very talented. I absolutely love my eyebrows. They look beautiful and make my life so much easier. It’s amazing how much your eyebrows enhance your looks. The place is great, Oksana is great and the price is great! Best decision I ever made. Love love love my new permanent eyebrows!!
- Patricia C, NJ

We used Oksana and she was amazing!!! She did some permanent makeup on my mother and I swear she looks 10 years younger....
- Jacky D, NJ

Had my eye brows tattooed by Oksana.She did a wonderful job. She is a perfectionist. I even made the website before and after pics, and a brow demo on Facebook. Great place Will be going back soon for other services.
- Wendy G, West Milford NJ

I got my eyebrows done today by Oksana! I was so nervous because I don’t have any tattoos. The procedure wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Oksana was very professional and she is a perfectionist! I’m so happy I decided to do this!
- Catherine L, FL NJ

Had my eyebrows done using the hair stroke method, which I have to say upfront I absolutely love. I had been looking into getting my eyebrows tattooed for some time since I barely have any hair there and was a mess at filling them in with brow powder. I researched a bunch of places and liked the photos at My Permanent Make Up the best. I went in for a consultation and Oksana was extremely helpful, courteous, and professional. I had a previous consultation at a different place where I was talked over and told that they knew better than I did, so I was intent on finding someone who would make sure my interests were heard. Oksana assured me that she would work with me to achieve my desired look and to make sure I would be 100% happy with my results. When I went in for my appointment she took all the time I needed to make sure I was happy with the placement and overall look of my brows. When my brows were first done it was a bit of a shock. Initially they are very dark and the shape was completely different then how I drew them in (in a good way). I had to get used to the look but loved them. Over the next few weeks they lightened up a lot, but even so I didn’t have to fill them in. Just got my complimentary touch up and absolutely love my brows. They look completely natural and I have gotten many compliments on them. Although I was hesitant at first, this was one of my best decisions. The time it takes for me to get ready in the morning has drastically been reduced and my brows look beautiful.
- Kim, Clifton NJ

I enjoy the services here. My last appointment was June 18, 2015. I got permanent eyeliner and eyebrows prior to coming to my skin care and electrolysis. Everything was wrong with them it was too light and uneven. Coming here my eyebrows was reshaped for my face and darkened. I brought my mother here to get her eyebrows done and they came out perfect. My eyebrows and eyeliner has a very natural look. I will recommend anyone that may have issues with their eyebrows, eyeliner and lips to get it done here. The place is comfortable, you will never feel awkward there is no one around to see you get your permanent makeup done. So need to feel inconvenienced by running into anyone they value privacy. My favorite part is the music that is played during the procedure; it is relaxing and has an affect to put to sleep during this 20-30 minute process. You will always have the same technician, who knows exactly what you want. Lastly, the machine that is used has is not loud and you can barely feel it being done. Thank you my skin care and electrolysis, I get so many compliments because of your assistance with enhancing my beauty.
- Autumn F. NJ

I’m a regular customer at MY Permanent Makeup and it’s a great place. They provide very polite and cheerful service. I got my eyebrows done recently and it looks fantastic! Very precisely and delicately done. I recommend this place for everyone!
- Joanna

I got my eyebrows permanently done at MY Permanent Makeup and I absolutely love them. The hair stroke method of doing the permanent eyebrow makeup looks fantastic and so natural. I can’t believe that I don’t have to use the brow pencil ever. Highly recommend MY Permanent Makeup!
- Gina K. Paramus NJ